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Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?
SEO is an optimization process for website in order to get higher traffic, in lay-man term, you can improve your website visit traffic if your website get listed high ranking in search engines keywords, in , or
Example: Internet user looking for “web design company in malaysia” and you got found top in the search engine.

How Does SEO improve your traffic?

Most of the Search Engines has it's own criteria for searching, They need to bring the most accurate / most relevant search results back to their in each searching, so only then they can keep the business running. Every website is like a human, it determines whether you are success or just a decent person. So in order to get success, everybody have to do something or decide what character they would like to play in their life. For websites, it can be simpler, all you to do is, make your website to become more success. In website, "success" equals to high traffic. So Search Engines has set some criteria for a website to get "success".

1.Ranking -  The higher your website rank is, the higher chances your website get found.
2.Popularity – it determined by how well known your website is.
3.BackLinks – How many sites are linked to your website.
4.Compatibility of contents – whether your web content is compatible / Relevant to the search engine.
5.Submitting to search engines – you need to submit your website URL to the search engine.
6.Outbound Links – How many affiliates that you are linking to.
7.Website Traffic – the performance.

When you fulfill this 7 criteria, your website is ready to get success, but it doesn't be that simple. You need to work hard always, so, the 8th criteria is – Time.

What is our secret as an SEO Agent?
As what we can tell at the moment, we don't have any back door to the search engines so do any other SEO agent. We do not corrupt the search engine people, and we don't even have the names of the engineers. All we have is time and specialty in SEO, That is our secret.

Can you DIY?

Basically you can, but it takes a lot of time and initiatives, but most of the people failed in half ways, because search engines only bring you the feedback after weeks and you don't know where you went wrong. So, better leave it to the professional to do the right job.

What is our guarantee?

We will make sure your website's related keywords get listed in / within 3 months or less, or we will do a refund to you.

Why should trust us?

Our nature of business is web design and SEO, so, if we were about to call and ask everybody to make a website, we would be probably closed long ago.
What about put a big signboard at a high traffic highway? Would you? We would if we reach multi national.
So, what we did was SEO our company website.Here is our proves:

Our company website ranked first page in top position in:
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What to do next?

Send an inquiry to us by click here, or reach us at contact page to get a free quote.